Decent Work Indicators for Asia and the Pacific: A Guidebook for Policy –Makers and Researchers.
The guidebook, published by the ILO Regional Office in Bangkok, has been produced in order to facilitate a better understanding among collectors and users of labour market information of a number of key indicators that can be utilized to measure decent work. These indicators cover each of the four components of decent work: rights at work, employment, social protection and social dialogue.


Occupational injuries statistics from household surveys and establishment surveys: An ILO manual on methods

This manual, published by ILO Geneva, describes new tools for collecting occupational injury data, to supplement the data already compiled in many countries from notification systems or to be used where no such data is available.

The manual can be obtained from here.


Rapid assessment sampling in emergency situations

This booklet, produced by UNICEF’s Asia-Pacific Shared Services Centre in Bangkok, describes some key sampling issues that might arise when trying to respond to an emergency situation.


Sample Design and Estimation in the Island Context
Paper presented at an IAOS satellite meeting to the 55th Session of the ISI, Sydney, entitled
Statistical Issues for Small Countries (especially Island Nations),
Noumea, 31 March - 2 April 2005


The big flood in Chiang Mai, 13/14 August 2005 - What the statistics show.

Short paper originally prepared for possible submission to a local newspaper, and based on river level and flow data kindly provided by the Water Department, Chiang Mai. They subsequently enhanced the graphics, organized a Thai translation, and placed it on their web site:


Evaluation of Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys, Round 1, 1997

This report is included here, since it is no longer accessible on the UNICEF Evaluation site.


Training statistical staff and continuing education in developing countries

Review of a contributed paper meeting at the Beijing Session of the International Statistical Institute, 1995. This report appears in :


Towards reforming national statistical agencies and systems: A survey of best-practice countries with effective national statistical systems in Africa. ACBF Best Practice Study- BPP No.1 STATNET, Sept 2007.

Paper prepared in my capacity as Chair, STATNET, African Capacity Building Foundation.


Youth employment statistics in Asia and the Pacific: A review of Internet resources.

Paper Commissioned for a workshop in 2002 organized by the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.