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Labour force survey
World Bank
Gave advice to the national statistical office (Belstat) on suitable methodologies for a new continuous labour force survey.
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DFID advisory visit 
This short visit, made at the request of the Government of Gibraltar, provided an opportunity to assess the quality and timeliness of official statistics in Gibraltar, identify the constraints facing the Statistics Office, speak to key users about their priorities, and make specific recommendations. 
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1999 and 2003
Development of methodologies for the collection of basic information on occupational injuries from sources other than notification systems 
International Labour Organization 

1999:4-month assignment in Geneva, helping the ILO Bureau of Statistics and the Occupational Safety and Health Branch to design appropriate methodologies and instruments for collecting and compiling statistics from sources other than notification systems. Specific modules were designed for testing in labour force and establishment surveys.

2003: Further 3-month assignment to analyse the results of the pilot surveys carried out in three countries ( Jamaica , Nigeria and the Philippines ) and the methodologies used. Attended a workshop in Geneva to assess the results, and prepared the first draft of a technical manual on alternative methods for collecting statistics of occupational injuries.

The manual was published by the ILO in April 2008 as:
Karen Taswell and Peter Wingfield-Digby, Occupational injuries statistics from household surveys and establishment surveys: An ILO manual on methods, ISBN 978-92-2-120439-8.
A flyer for the publication can be seen here

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Senior Social Survey Officer (final position)
Office of Population Censuses and Surveys (OPCS)
Now part of the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Worked in the Research Branch of Social Survey Division. Responsible for carrying out sample surveys for Government Departments, involving all stages of the survey: project design, sampling, questionnaire construction, fieldwork, coding, computing, and the preparation of full research reports. Special topics researched included: the wording of questions on census forms for the 1971 UK population census; the characteristics of museum visitors; and the problems of single homeless people living in hostels and lodging houses.


Statistician, Corps of Specialists 
Department for International Development 
One of two statisticians employed in DFID's Corps of Specialists, made available for high level advisory assignments and occasionally line positions in developing countries. Most of my time was spent abroad, in Vanuatu and Ghana, but during part of 1988, 1991 and 1996 I was attached to the Statistics Department at DFID headquarters.
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